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Tone by Gridge Community Guidelines

Tone by Gridge aims for a safe community where anyone could join the chat with an open heart while listening to the music with relief.


As we have many listeners enjoying our radio stations and the chats, we have decided to create the guidelines. We are trying to provide a comfortable and positive experience as you enjoy the music where artists and listeners from all over the world accept each other.

This can’t be achieved without your gentle cooperation. We appreciate your understanding!

[Basic Rule]

  • Let’s respect each other. Tone by Gridge cherishes diversity.

  • We recommend using English for our chat. If it’s difficult for you, don’t worry about it. You can try getting help with translation programs or just say “hi” to each other.

  • It is our great pleasure for you to make friends on Tone by Gridge channels, however, let’s try not to stick only with your friends but also be friendly and welcoming to new people as well.

[Prohibited comments]

  • Self-defeating/suicidal comments

  • Violent/threatening comments

  • Harassing/annoying comments

  • Comments that discriminate political, racist, religion, gender, physical appearance

  • Sharing personal information inappropriately

  • Catfishing, sock puppet comments

  • Spam, scam, and any comments coming from bad intensions

  • Sexual and obscene comments

  • Copyright infringement

[Penalties for Violations]

Tone by Gridge will take penalties on the users who violate our guidelines accordingly. We will consider various elements such as the intentions, story behind the comments, the size of the potential impatct on the community, actual harm, and legal duty when we verify the violation. 

In order to be consistent, we will give a warning or/and temporary time-out depending on the comments or the situation of the violation, then ban the account from our channel in case of serious violations.

When we give warnings and time-outs, the admin will clarify the reason for the measures towards the users/accounts.


We appreciate your cooperation and understanding for the safe community operation.

[Reporting Violating Users]

Please contact us if you find users who disturb the morale of the community. Of course, any of the reporter’s personal information will never be leaked.

When you contact us to report violations, please include information that relates to the situation so we could act accordingly.Please include the information below:

  • Link to Tone by Gridfe channel(s) where the violation happened

  • Date and time of the event including your timezone

  • The user’s account name and what kind of violation have happened

  • Screenshot and chat log, if possible

We will not give penalties to anyone solely based on the number of reports. We will judge whether or not to give penalties based on the contents and accuracy of reports.


Let’s create a comfortable community together!

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