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The Fetal Movement of Lo-Fi City Pop

Hi, my friends from all over the world who like Lo-Fi and City Pop!

I have been seeking new sound as always in the gigantic ocean of the internet. This is something like my diary from the journey.

So today, I’m noting on my diary because I feel like I’ve discovered some new sound… well, not too many yet, but...

Lo-Fi music have been merging various genres these days. We often hear sounds of music that contain Ambient and Anime music lately. I thought that in the near future, Lo-Fi music will swallow some kind of sounds that we can never anticipate. City Pop, for example. I thought it would be fantastic if there are any awesome and crazy trackmakers who would create the Lo-Fi sound out of such gorgeous music. So I looked for them and guess what…? I’ve found them! It’s still only a few but let me introduce them to the listeners who are looking for the new sounds!

자주(ZAJU) - 겨울안에서 (In Winter)

The tune that made me decide to look for Lo-Fi City Pop. It’s been played on “City Pop Beats” now.

Zai Kowen - 素敵な (Suteki-na)

It sounds in the middle of Lo-Fi Hip Hop and Vaporwave. It’s been played “Electronic Beats” now.

Ube on the Mic - Beaky BGM - snow is just liquid ice

Simple sound yet using the classical City Pop chord patterns.

djml - everglow at the lane

This one could become City Pop if the tempo is faster but, I feel the inquiring mind from how it’s dropped down and created as a Lo-Fi sound.

It might be too short of a list for you to find helpful yet. Also, you might feel like it’s still on the experimenting stage. But, I believe music will keep developing based on these styles from now on. Especially the answer from Vaporwave side must increase, I believe.

Alright, I’ll report to you when I find some new sounds again!


Tone by Gridge


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