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“24/7 City pop beats” has launched! New style distinguished from the conventional Lo-Fi Hip-hop.


Hi, this is Dai. The curator of Youtube chill sound studio “Tone by Gridge”. I select music that fits the color of “Tone by Gridge” and music that makes me feel something new. Choosing from over 200 new pieces of music that I listen to every day, I directly contact the artist to run it on the sound studio.

・What is Tone by Gridge?
・What I notice through curation
・Seeking for new “Instrumental City pop”
・Current city pop of Japan and Korea
・City pop without lyrics
・Concept beyond “City Pop Beats”
・Tone By Gridge: Youtube channel

What is Tone by Gridge?

Tone by Gridge is a music radio running 24/7 on Youtube. We advocate the new chill sound of “Neo Chill” that is distinguished from the conventional Lo-Fi Hip Hop.

Music broadcasted on the radio is chosen from submissions from artists all around the world (Korea, US, UK, France, etc.) Tone by Gridge took up over 2000 artists until today through the process of gathering music. We also directly negotiate with excellent artists who made us fascinated with their work.

The communication through gathering music created a friendship with the artists. We get consultation about mixing and many other messages through Instagram DMs. Although Tone by Gridge has less genre, it is a place where the listener and artists can meet in the current situation where artists are restricted from musician activities due to the pandemic. Listeners use Tone by Gridge during studying, relaxing, and working as a music platform.

Promoting artists other than through streaming can be seen abroad, but we think it is a whole new concept here in Japan.

Tone by Gridge

What I notice through curation

Looking for music through “Excavation” so-called “DIG” slightly reminds me of the music trend in the future. For example, City Pop is evaluated these days but I feel that Instrumental City Pop is becoming popular recently.

Singil_Bob - last blue

The funk rhythm guitar symbolizes a day in the summer. Classic city pop instrumental music.

Seter - Slow

Excellent instrumental music that reminds me of my bible: Hiroshi Sato’s masterpiece “Awakening”

Seeking for new “Instrumental City pop”

Just like Future Funk and Vaporwave, Instrumental City Pop is pure original music composed by artists themselves, not made by editing existing work. When I see these in Soundcloud, the number listened to is lacked. However, the music itself is comfortable to listen to. I thought if I gather these songs and mix them, I will able to create a comfortable BGM collection, so I made a new channel “City Pop Beats”. I didn’t find any channel with similar content so I thought this is the chance.

I feel that Korea is the country where Instrumental City Pop is prosperous, not Japan. In Korea, not just instrumental, but City Pop itself is in a boom. It is difficult for me to find Japanese City Pop artists in but there are excellent Korean artists sleeping under the ground not being picked up.

HOJI - worm

Korean modern city pop with sorrows dropped into a Bedroom sound.

choijiwon - 다른 길 (別の道)

This song reminds me of a lamp, illuminating its surroundings. And it has Japanese Lyrics! I feel the love towards City Pop.

Current city pop of Japan and Korea

Changing the subject a little, comparing Japanese and Korean City Pop music, many of the Japanese music is “Impression based City Pop” that only extracts the fancy element from City Pop. (Of course I like it tho) On the other hand, Korean City Pop extracts the passion and sense of the original City Pop. Talking exaggeratedly, I feel that the inheritance of City Pop is done in Korea, not in Japan. As a result, I unconsciously listen to Korean City Pop artists more than Japanese, as an original City Pop lover.

Soo-Yeony - Lovely White

It had a modern sound but the vocals of the chorus make me shiver.

Soulights - Moment Of Youth

Although the language is different, I can emphasize with the sense of the City Pop vocals.

City pop without lyrics

Bringing back the subject, City Pop without lyrics. Because it is a new type of music, the impact on the lister is unknown. However, there is data (due to our company’s research) that shows potentially, there are many people around the world who love Lo-Fi and City Pops. Therefore, as a City Pop believer, I hope that Instrumental City Pop will be spread as a choice of BGM in a long term.

Concept beyond “City Pop Beats”

Although we have just created City Pop Beats, we are acting to create a new channel. The theme is “ A sound beyond chill” During the environment of the pandemic, “Relaxing” cannot be defined only by the word chilling.

Chilling while acting. How about chilling in a stagnated environment? What is a sound that people demand while stopping? We have already got an idea of “the sound” but it is a company secret. (Just want to say LOL)

The channel of “The Sound” will be soon be released in the future. You’re gonna love it.


Tone by Gridge: YouTube channel

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