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Pawelg. is a Warsaw-based electronic artist. Influenced by experimental, eclectic approach to music by labels like Brainfeeder and Stones Throw, he’s been making tracks blending various genres including trip-hop, breakbeat, ambient and nu jazz, which gained him some attention from blogs such as Indie Shuffle and Podcart. His musical influences range from the likes of Flying Lotus and Teebs to DJ Shadow, Mount Kimbie and LTJ Bukem. Outside of music, his sources of inspiration include traveling, technology, nature (and its cyclicality), as well as conscious and subconscious sides of human’s mind.

In which country do you live? What is your favorite part of the country or town where you live/work? 

I live in Warsaw, a capital of Poland. It's a pretty big, noisy city, which is fine but sometimes you wanna get away from that. So some of my favorite parts of town are the more quiet ones. Luckily we have many green areas here. Łazienki Park is a good place to walk around and reset your mind a little. The banks of Vistula River are a nice place to grab a beer and just chill with your friends in the summer.


Please tell us about your favorite food and culture in your country. And why? 


My favorite Polish food are pierogi. The ones with sour cabbage and mushrooms filling, to be exact. Pierogi are a kind of dumplings, a bit similar to gyōza / jiaozi that are popular in Japan and China. It's also a traditional dish that is eaten during Christmas, so many people associate it with time spent with family. I think it is similar in that aspect to the dumplings Chinese people traditionally eat during New Year's celebrations, which I find interesting.

Could you show us a photo of your workroom? What is your favorite point? 

I have a nice collection of kindergarten instruments.


Introduction and explanation of the music


It's a chill, downtempo tune, with a little bit of influence from Teebs and FlyLo. I focused on ambience and used some of my field recordings (mainly sounds of rain and dripping water). I wanted it to feel like you're somewhere outside, close to nature. The title means "rainy season" in Japanese. This track is sort of a flashback to the period when I was living in Japan. It's also a reflection on times when it "rains". Rain is temporary like anything else in this world. There's beauty in it too.

What artists have influenced you?

Hard to pick. I think a lot of that is subconscious as well. I have to say Flying Lotus is my number one inspiration. I also listen to many artists from his Brainfeeder label. A large amount of music I'm into today probably wouldn't even have existed if it wasn't for him. Another inspiration is DJ Shadow. I feel like he added more structure to instrumental hip hop and made the beats really take you on a journey. Lastly, I'd like to mention LTJ Bukem. He was a pioneer of atmospheric jungle / dnb sound in the 90s, some of my uptempo, breakbeat based stuff has elements of that.

What artists are you currently listening to or what artists are you most interested in?

I listen to a lot of different music, so again, it's hard to choose just a few artists. A name that comes to my mind first is Towa Tei. I was just writing an article about him recently, it was a nice opportunity to go through his whole discography. I was blown away at how unique and eclectic artist he is. His skills as a music producer are really top notch. Some of his newer stuff sounds kind of like he bridged the gap between Japanese synth-pop of YMO and a bit “crazier” IDM stuff, like Aphex Twin, it's awesome. One of my favorite new artists is Salami Rose Joe Louis. I love her chill voice, and the psychedelic, jazzy vibes of her songs. I discovered Salami when she signed to Brainfeeder. Turned out she has had some great music before that as well. Zlaty Sauce Nephew album has some real gems. I have to also mention Scott Xylo, he's a young artist/producer from the UK and also a member of psych-rock band SHADEEMUS. I've been listening to his stuff since 2015 when he was doing very abstract, experimental hip hop stuff in the vein of FlyLo. He has a great ability to create mysterious atmospheres on his tracks. It's been really cool to watch him grow through the years, I think he’s really starting to get the recognition he deserves now with his new group.

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Thank you to anyone who has listened and supported my music. This year I'll be releasing much more material. I'm just getting started. Hope you'll stick around!


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