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Performed in a band since middle school.

Became interested in Hip Hop started performing Rap. 

Simultaneously self-learned track making, songwriting, composing, and editing.


Provided many of his works to major / indies artists and companies in the past.

Moved to Tokyo in 2010, and Kobe in 2020 working as a composer.

Currently working as an instrumentalist (beatmaker).

Won the Grand Prix for the 2019 world contest “Lo-Fi Song Contest #1” held by SKIO MUSIC and streaming music all around the world.

In which country do you live? What is your favorite part of the country or town where you live/work? 

Kobe, in Hyogo, Japan. It’s enjoyable here for having both cities and nature nearby so I can just drive where ever I feel like going. I love to be surrounded by nature so whenever I have time, I put myself in the woods and relax.

I’m looking forward to spending a night in the car or try beat-making in the car. I’m also interested in camps.


Please tell us about your favorite food and culture in your country. And why? 

After all, I love my hometown’s local cuisine back in Okinawa. Especially Soki Soba, and Chamnpuru cuisine like Goya Chanpuru. I often become craving for Okinawan cuisine.

Could you show us a photo of your workroom? What is your favorite point? 


I usually sit facing the computer for the whole day when I work, my point is to create a natural atmosphere by putting plants so it makes me feel relaxed. When I’m tired, I evacuate to nearby nature to heal.

Introduction and explanation of the song

Finding Out

An instrumental song called “Finding Out”

The theme is a breaking ball of Lo-Fi Hip Hop. I emphasized the “Neo Chill” by using synthesizing sound and electronic drums. I feel fancy when I listen to this song while walking in the street. It also matches the chilling drive bathing the sunsetting light.

Hope you enjoy it!

Any artists who influenced you?

Teddy Riley

I was shocked to find [New Jack Swing] in the R&B genre that he created.

I was instantly captivated by his catchy tone and unique sense of rhythm, and then I began to listen to songs produced by him, including [Guy], [Keith Sweat] and [Bobby Brown].  He was one of the producers who had a big influence on my music.

The album I was listening to on heavy rotation at the time [Guy / Guy].


His beats were like a textbook for me when I did "BeatMake".

I was into West Coast at that time (early 2000), and I listened to [Dr. Dre / 2001] every time I drove.

I still remember how often his music was played in clubs and how I would start dancing when his songs started playing.  I also remember forcing myself to drink alcohol, which I couldn't do every time, and throwing up.

Also, Snoop Dogg was one of my favorite rappers, and I loved the tag team of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg the most.


It's been 15~17 years since I heard his music, but I think it has been the biggest influence on the beats I make now.

His music is called "Neo Soul" and it just makes me feel good. It's the kind of music that makes you fall asleep.

I remember the days when I was intoxicated by his simple beats and sweet voice.

The album I listened to the most [Musiq Soulchild / Aijuswanaseing].

What artists are you currently listening to or what artists are you most interested in? 


I like his unique sound and catchy beats, and I listen to him during coffee breaks.

When I listen to his music, various images come to my mind, and I feel as if I am the main character of the movie.


His music makes me feel as if I'm in a maze.

It makes me want to peek inside his brain and wonder how he creates the music.

He is my favorite artist because of his Jazzy atmosphere.

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Music has a magic that cuddles the heart of one’s who listens to it.

These sounds recall one’s background story, scene, smell, and change of emotions.

I will keep making warm, light, and powerful music.

Also, my songs are instrumental so I will be satisfied if people listen to my music while working, studying, or as a nibble for alcohol.

Thank you so much!


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