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Eljas 'Jokujekku' is a 28 years old music producer from Helsinki, Finland. He started producing music at the age of 18.

Before that he played drums, piano and saxophone in several bands and performed around europe. Other than producing he enjoys martial arts, games and SAUNA.

In which country do you live? What is your favorite part of the country or town where you live/work? 

I live in Helsinki. I love my city. The best thing about helsinki are its nice parks and sports close to water.


Please tell us about your favorite food and culture in your country. And why? 

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Finland is not really known for its cuisine and so also my favorite dishes are not finnish. I love sushi, tacos, tunasteak and french fries <3 <3 <3 There is one finnish dish I would still recomend to anyone who ever visits finland and thats is "poron käristys" its reindeer meat with mashed popato and lingonberry jam.

Could you show us a photo of your workroom? What is your favorite point? 

My studio lives with what ever i feel like doing and thats why things constantly change around me workspace. One of my favorite pieces is, and always will be my maschine studio. I love the versatility of the tool and the intuitive workflow. Many beats start with it.


Introduction and explanation of the music

Like Huneee

This song means a lot to me. Its pristine, gentle and yet fierce. Listen to the song in the afternoon to relax, at night or in the morning to fuel your self up with energy.

What artists have influenced you?


Miles Davis:

Mobb Deep

What artists are you currently listening to or what artists are you most interested in?

I listen to any kind of music all the time and try to keep my ears open for everything. Currently i listen to much Pop Smoke, Future, Uzi vert, Thoman, Lutan Fyah, Bob Marley and Amy Winehouse.

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Thanks everyone for listening and tuning in, it means the world to musicians and producers to have the privilege to occupy your hearing. Sincerely, thank you <3


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